Thursday, 21 July 2016

Well, here we are!

What's up?!.. No wait, that doesn't sound right..

Oh dear, I have no idea how to start this, I've actually never blogged before and haven't read that many blogs before either, so I'm clearly gonna' ace this.. Right? Let's start from the top.

My name is Sam. Online I tend to go by FUTUREIDIOT, or IAMFUTUREIDIOT. The latter being the name of my Youtube channel. I'm 23, I live in a quiet, shitty town in the south of England called Burgess Hill. I live in a flat with my finance Bethany. We're really happy together!. So pretty standard set-up so far right? A couple living in a flat they can barely afford all the while residing in a shit town.

I'm painting a pretty bleak picture I know, but It's not as bad as I make out. We have a awesome bunch of friends, and families we'd be completely lost without, we love our flat and It's filled with things we probably shouldn't have bought in the first place, but fuck it. Fuck it actually has kinda turned into a bit of a motto since moving out. Call it a bad habit if you like, but we're only here once so we might as well make the most of it?

Anyway, that's more or less it as far as my basic living situation goes, and I'm not really sure why I started this blog. I haven't come here to vent or post pictures of things I've eaten or bought. I just thought I'd be another little pastime? We'll see. Either way that seems long enough for a introductory piece. I'll be sure to return to talk about other subjects I find remotely interesting. Bye!